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    Small businesses are the most important sector to protect in the US. They account for the majority of job growth and trillions of dollars in revenue for the US economy. Currently there are 30 million small businesses online in the US. Only a little over a million currently have daily malware protection for their online presence. This leaves a huge gap to be filled seeing as every website online will eventually deal with some kind of malware issue.

    The Risk Breakdown
    Over 60% of security breaches in 2013 occurred in businesses with less than 100 employees 98% of software used by SMB’s has some sort of security hole making them easy targets Google blacklists around 10,000 websites daily for some sort of infection.

    A Proactive approach to website security
    Build your website with security in mind

    • Shortcuts can save you money upfront, but will cost you in the long run
    • Harden your website from the beginning to protect from common threats
    Know where attacks are likely to occur

    • Keep all software updated: CMS, plug ins, extensions, themes
    • Strong log in credentials, encrypt information where possible
    • Identify code injections
    Fast identification and reaction time

    • Your business reputation is tarnished every time you are blacklisted
    • The average breach costs a company thousands in revenue
    • 95% of infections are discovered by 3rd parties not employees of companies
    • Search ranking drop every time you get blacklisted
    • Potential customers are hesitant to buy from unprotected businesses

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