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    My web designer is working on it already, why do I need security service?
    Web designers are skilled in developing the desired look and feel for your website – not in securing it. Hiring a team that specializes in website security is the only way to proactively protect your website. Our team of skilled security professionals guarantee a 24 hour turnaround to clean your website and lock hackers out. We then submit the site to Google and it is usually removed from the blacklist within 1 – 24 hours. If your web designer has been working on cleaning the site for more than a day, that’s a good indication that they may need some help. Furthermore, it is of utmost important to identify how the hacker got in to your site in the first place. Often times webmaster’s neglect to close vulnerabilities and we see websites get re-hacked two to three weeks later. Hire a web designer to design your site and leave the security of your business in the hands of the security experts!

    Shouldn’t my web designer or hosting company clean my site for me?
    It generally takes longer for someone who isn’t trained in website security. Also, the most crucial part of our service is our vulnerability scan which will show you how your site was infected in the first place. Malware scanning software has taken years to develop in order to find and clean infections in websites. Hackers leave ways to get back into your website and without software to detect these “back doors” you will continue to get rehacked and frustrated. Security service is more than just fixing your website; it is long term protection against security threats. If our scanning software detects any problems once you are on our service plan, your site will be repaired immediately. No need to wait, no need to worry!

    What kind of customer service can I expect from Website Security?
    We understand the stress that comes from having your website hacked, which is why we assign a dedicated representative to each account. There is nothing more frustrating than repeating your situation to several different representatives who end up pawning you off on the next guy. If you would like to take a look at some of our testimonials, check out our homepage and visit our Facebook! We strive to provide excellent customer service, and our dedicated account reps are always just a phone call away!

    Will you clean my site if it is infected when I sign up?
    Yes; We will remove the malware and perform a vulnerability assessment in order to identify how the site was hacked in the first place. We will then notify you of any additional security hardening that needs to be added to your website.

    How long does it take to clean my site?
    In most cases We can have your site fixed within 24 hours and submitted to Google. Some sites can take longer depending on the severity of the infection.

    How will you alert me when I get hacked?
    You will be alerted by email or phone.

    What happens if I get re-hacked while using Website Protection services?
    We do everything in our power to minimize risk and keep your site from getting hacked, but it is not possible to completely prevent it. There isn’t a security service that can (in good conscience) offer 100% protection. There are many variables to consider here including how your website was built and how your server is set up. With malware infections, it is crucial to find the problem early and have it fixed immediately, so as not to adversely affect your SEO. If your site is compromised again after signing up with our iProtect or iSecure plans, we will fix the site immediately and re-assess security loopholes.
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    I like these, they are all really good information that I think we should all know. As someone with a website, the last thing that I'm sure we all want is for someone to hack it. So, these are good tips for security.

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