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    Hello! I’m glad to see everyone who has come here and hope my post will be not for nothing.

    What colors do you prefer more? Black or White? But if to add Green and Blue? Or what about black like troubled sky and white shade like cappuccino? You are puzzled. And it’s clear. So don’t confuse your customers. It’s actually worst idea that may come to your commercial head.

    You may think that the more you offer the more sales rated you have. Don’t think in this way. More products put at one product page make customers become confused and unsatisfied. When Henry Ford started, the consumers could buy exceptional black Ford car cause as he said: ‘Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black’.

    But today we don’t have to paint. We have cars of any color we want like sky-blue or even the color of May lily! And moreover, today there are a lot of car models with different characteristics that making a final decision is getting a real challenge.

    If you feel your store offers too many products, cut it by 70% at least. But before cutting, you should carry out some tests to understand what you have now and what you are going to have in future after the number of products is reduced. Even if you sell clothes (the multiple choice is welcoming here), surely you will note the T-shirts of grey color are sold worse (maybe they look as they are dirty) or raspberry-red office skirt rather distract than attract!

    Hope you will make a right decision!
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